Changes in DNF-2 compared to DNF-1

CLI changes

Reintroduction of YUM’s configuration options includepkgs and excludepkgs

Due to a better compatibility with YUM, configuration options include and exclude were replaced by the original options includepkgs and excludepkgs.

DNF group install --with-optional option

Installation of optional packages of group is changed from subcommand with-optional to option --with-optional.

Python API changes

All non-API methods and attributes are private


All non-API methods and attributes of documented modules are now private in order to accomplish more distinguishable API.

Following API methods accept different arguments

  1. dnf.Base.add_remote_rpms()

  2. dnf.Base.group_install()

  3. dnf.cli.Command.configure()


  5. dnf.Plugin.read_config()