DNF Release Notes

4.20.0 Release Notes

  • repoquery: Fix loading filelists when -f is used (RhBug:2276012)

  • remove: –duplicates and –oldinstallonly exit with 0 when nothing to do (RHEL-6424)

  • spec: Do not add user site-packages directory to sys.path (RHEL-26646)

  • man: Prepare pages for dnf5 switch

  • spec: Prepare for switch of dnf5 in Rawhide

Bugs fixed in 4.20.0:

4.19.2 Release Notes

  • Bump libdnf requirement to 0.73.1

4.19.1 Release Notes

  • Add required .readthedocs.yaml, conf.py and set sphinx_rtd_theme

  • Drop dnf obsoletion temporarily

  • doc: Update FAQ entry on filelists

  • build: Adapt to changes in Fedora packaging of bash-completion


  • Add all candidates for reinstall to solver

  • Fix handling installonly packages reasons

  • Remove confusing sentence from documentation

  • Remove “leaf” word from documentation

  • Update documentation of history userinstalled command

  • Onboard packit tests

  • doc: Makecache with timer tries only one mirror

  • ELN: Don’t obsolete DNF with DNF5 yet

  • bash-completion: Complete dnf command only if we own it

  • bash-completion: Prepare ownerships for dnf5 switch

4.19.0 Release Notes

  • Major changes: - filelists metadata not loaded by default - deltarpm disabled by default

  • New features: - conf: Introduce new optional_metadata_types option to load filelists on demand - cli: Add a hint for user on transaction file dependency failure - cli: Setup filelists metadata for commands that need them - util: Add function for detecting file in specs

  • Bug fixes: - Fix failing API unit test on rawhide (RhBug:2261066) - automatic: Use add_security_filters, not _update_security_filters

Bugs fixed in 4.19.0:

4.18.2 Release Notes

  • New features: - automatic: Add feature to allow emitters to invoke on dnf error

  • Bug fixes: - dnssec: Fix parsing PGP keys for DNS validation (RhBug:2249380)

Bugs fixed in 4.18.2:

4.18.1 Release Notes

  • Bug fixes: - Do not translate repoquery time format strings (RhBug:2245773) - automatic: Fix applying the color option

Bugs fixed in 4.18.1:

4.18.0 Release Notes

  • New features: - Do not print details of verifying (RhBug:1908253) - Add Recommends %{_bindir}/sqlite3 for bash-completion for Fedora - conf: Split $releasever to $releasever_major and $releasever_minor (RhBug:1789346)

  • Bug fixes: - base: Add obsoleters of only latest versions (RhBug:2183279,2176263) - comps: Fix marking a group package as installed (RhBug:2066638) - distro-sync: Print better info message when no match (RhBug:2011850) - Include dist-info for python3-dnf (RhBug:2239323) - Revert “Block signals during RPM transaction processing” (RhBug:2133398)

  • Others: - Allow DNF to be removed by DNF 5 (RhBug:2221907) - Update translations

Bugs fixed in 4.18.0:

4.17.0 Release Notes

  • New features: - crypto: Use libdnf crypto API instead of using GnuPG/GpgME - automatic: allow use of STARTTLS/TLS - automatic: use email_port specified in config

  • Bug fixes: - Block signals during RPM transaction processing (RhBug:2133398) - Fix bash completion due to sqlite changes (RhBug:2232052)

  • Others: - Reprotect dnf, unprotect python3-dnf (RhBug:2221905)

Bugs fixed in 4.17.0:

4.16.2 Release Notes

  • dnf-data: depend on /etc/dnf/dnf.conf, not libdnf5

  • Update repo metadata cache pattern to include zstd

  • typo in doc/command_ref.rst

  • Add provide exception handling

  • When parsing over a KVP list, do not return till the whole list is parsed

  • Add to authors

  • python3-dnf: Provide /usr/bin/dnf4 symlink to /usr/bin/dnf-3

  • Bug fixes: - Document the symbols in the output of dnf history list (RhBug:2172067)

Bugs fixed in 4.16.2:

4.16.1 Release Notes

  • DNF5 should not deprecate DNF on Fedora 38

4.16.0 Release Notes

  • Prepare for updating to DNF5: - Remove ownership of dnf.conf, protected.d, vars - Add requirement of libdnf5 to dnf-data - dnf-automatic: require python3-dnf, not dnf

4.15.1 Release Notes

  • Bug fixes: - automatic: Fix online detection with proxy (RhBug:2022440) - automatic: Return an error when transaction fails (RhBug:2170093) - repoquery: Allow uppercased query tags (RhBug:2185239)

  • Others: - Unprotect dnf and yum, protect python3-dnf

Bugs fixed in 4.15.1:

4.15.0 Release Notes

  • New features: - Add reboot option to DNF Automatic (RhBug:2124793) - cli: Allow = in setopt values - Mark strftime format specifiers for translation

  • Bug fixes: - Add support for rollback of group upgrade rollback (RhBug:2016070) - Omit src RPMs from check-update (RhBug:2151910) - repoquery: Properly sanitize queryformat strings (RhBug:2140884) - Don’t double-encode RPM URLs passed on CLI (RhBug:2103015) - Allow passing CLI options when loading remote cfg (RhBug:2060127) - Ignore processing variable files with unsupported encoding (RhBug:2141215) - Fix AttributeError when IO busy and press ctrl+c (RhBug:2172433) - Unload plugins upon their deletion - Fixes in docs and help command - Fix plugins unit tests - Add unit tests for dnf mark - smtplib: catch OSError, not SMTPException

Bugs fixed in 4.15.0:

4.14.0 Release Notes

  • doc: Describe how gpg keys are stored for repo_ggpcheck (RhBug:2020678)

  • Set default value for variable to prevent crash (RhBug:2091636)

  • Add only relevant pkgs to upgrade transaction (RhBug:2097757)

  • Use installed_all because installed_query is filtered user input

  • Don’t include resolved advisories for obsoletes filtering with security filters (RhBug:2101421)

  • Allow passing plugin parameters with dashes in names (RhBug:1980712)

  • Fix upgrade from file to noarch pkg (RhBug:2006018)

  • Translations update

  • Expose plugin unload method to API (RhBug:2047251)

  • Add support for group upgrade rollback (RhBug:2016070)

  • Fix broken dependencies error reporting (RhBug:2088422)

  • Add doc related to –destdir and –downloadonly options (RhBug:2100811)

  • Bug fixes: - Bugs fixed (RhBug:1980712,2016070,2047251,2088422,2100811,2101421) - Fix upgrade pkg from file when installed pkg is noarch and upgrades to a different arch

Bugs fixed in 4.14.0:

4.13.0 Release Notes

  • Base.reset: plug (temporary) leak of libsolv’s page file descriptors

  • Don’t use undocumented re.template()

  • Small change to better present the option

  • New features: - Use sqlite cache to make bash completion snappier (RhBug:1815895)

Bugs fixed in 4.13.0:

4.12.0 Release Notes

  • dnf.conf: hint users where to find more info about defaults and other options

  • Fix unittests that relied on checksum being at the end of solvfiles

  • completion: remove unnecessary echo

  • Fix remove when no repos are enabled (RhBug:2064341)

  • Add loongarch support for dnf

  • Add spaces between words to fix typos (RhBug:2077296)

  • [doc] Improve “proxy” configuration option documentation (RhBug:2072332)

  • Bug fixes: - Fix download errors handling in non-english locales (RhBug:2024527)

Bugs fixed in 4.12.0:

4.11.1 Release Notes

  • Bump version, so that 4.11.0 can be released separately

4.11.0 Release Notes

  • New features: - Allow destdir option with modulesync command - Add documentation for query api flags (RhBug:2035577)

  • Bug fixes: - Fix swap command to work with local rpm files correctly (RhBug:2036434) - Don’t recommend %{_bindir}/sqlite3 for bash-completion (RhBug:1947925) - Don’t recommend python3-unbound on RHEL (RhBug:1947924) - Recommend rpm-plugin-systemd-inhibit only if systemd (RhBug:1947924) - Fix regression in verifying signatures using rpmkeys - Use rpm.TransactionSet.dbCookie() to determining if rpmdb has changed (RhBug:2043476) - Fix decompression of groups.xml (RhBug:2030255) - Fix history undo on a Reason Change (RhBug:2010259,2053014) - Remove /usr/bin from sys.path to avoid accidentally importing garbage - Fix: Python dnf API does not respect cacheonly (RhBug:1862970) - Fix python3.11 build: remove deprecated, update traceback regex - fix dnf mark error when history sqlite missing - [doc] Improve description of multilib_policy=all (RhBug:1996681,1995630) - [doc] clarify effect of –enablerepo and –disablerepo options (RhBug:2031414) - [doc] default values for module_obsoletes and module_stream_switch (RhBug: 2051846)

Bugs fixed in 4.11.0:

4.10.0 Release Notes

  • New features: - Add support for autodetecting packages to be excluded from being installed as weak dependencies (RhBug:1699672) - Add support for excluding packages to be installed as weak dependencies (RhBug:1699672) - Add fail_fast parameter to download_payloads methods for use in reposync

  • Bug fixes: - Acquire all relevant locks during “dnf clean” - API: Raise CompsError when group/env not found in install_group and install_environment (RhBug:1947958)

Bugs fixed in 4.10.0:

4.9.0 Release Notes

  • New features: - [API] Add method “set_or_append_opt_value” to BaseConfig (RhBug:1967925) - Add aliases for commands: info, updateinfo, provides (RhBug:1938333) - Add report about demodularized rpms into module info (RhBug:1805260)

  • Bug fixes: - Remove DNSSEC errors on COPR group email keys - Documentation inprovements - bugs: 1938352, 1993899, 1963704

Bugs fixed in 4.9.0:

4.8.0 Release Notes

  • Do not assume that a remote rpm is complete if present

  • Use positive percentage for “Failed delta RPMs” message

  • Remove redundant new line in Groups output

  • Format empty group names outputs to <name-unset>

  • [doc] Document default colors

  • Use rpmkeys alone to verify signature

  • Bug fixes: - Bugs fixed (RhBug:1946975,1955309) - Add dnf.error message to explain rpm.error traceback when package not found after resolving a transaction (RhBug:1815327,1887293,1909845)

Bugs fixed in 4.8.0:

4.7.0 Release Notes

  • Improve repo config path ordering to fix a comps merging issue (RhBug:1928181)

  • Keep reason when package is removed (RhBug:1921063)

  • Improve mechanism for application of security filters (RhBug:1918475)

  • [doc] Add description for new API

  • [API] Add new method for reset of security filters

  • [doc] Improve documentation for Hotfix repositories

  • [doc] fix: “makecache” command downloads only enabled repositories

  • Use libdnf.utils.checksum_{check,value}

  • [doc] Add info that maximum parallel downloads is 20

  • Increase loglevel in case of invalid config options

  • [doc] installonly_limit documentation follows behavior

  • Prevent traceback (catch ValueError) if pkg is from cmdline

  • Add documentation for config option sslverifystatus (RhBug:1814383)

  • Security fixes: - Check for specific key string when verifing signatures (RhBug:1915990) - Use rpmkeys binary to verify package signature (RhBug:1915990)

  • Bug fixes: - Bugs fixed (RhBug:1916783) - Preserve file mode during log rotation (RhBug:1910084)

Bugs fixed in 4.7.0:

4.6.1 Release Notes

  • Fix recreate script

  • Add unit test for fill_sack_from_repos_in_cache (RhBug:1865803)

  • Add docs and examples for fill_sack_from_repos_in_cache (RhBug:1865803)

  • [spec] remove python2 support

  • Remove problematic language

  • The noroot plugin no longer exists, remove mention

  • Run tests for fill_sack_from_repos_in_cache in installroot (RhBug:1865803)

  • expand history to full term size when output is redirected (RhBug:1852577) (RhBug:1852577,1906970)

  • [doc] Fix: “sslcacert” contains path to the file

  • [doc] Added proxy ssl configuration options, increase libdnf require

  • Set persistdir and substitutions for fill_sack_from_repos_in_cache tests (RhBug:1865803)

  • Update documentation for module_obsoletes and module_stream_switch

  • print additional information when verifying GPG key using DNS

  • Bug fixes: - Bugs fixed (RhBug:1897573) - Remove hardcoded logfile permissions (RhBug:1910084) - Enhanced detection of plugins removed in transaction (RhBug:1929163)

Bugs fixed in 4.6.1:

4.6.0 Release Notes

  • Log scriptlets output also for API users (RhBug:1847340)

  • Fix module remove –all when no match spec (RhBug:1904490)

  • yum.misc.decompress() to handle uncompressed files (RhBug:1895059)

  • Make an error message more informative (RhBug:1814831)

  • Add deprecation notice to help messages of deplist

  • Remove Base._history_undo_operations() as it was replaced with transaction_sr code

  • cli/output: Return number of listed packages from listPkgs()

  • Clean up history command error handling

  • [doc] Describe install with just a name and obsoletes (RhBug:1902279)

  • Add api function fill_sack_from_repos_in_cache to allow loading a repo cache with repomd and (solv file or primary xml) only (RhBug:1865803)

  • Packages installed/removed via DNF API are logged into dnf.log (RhBug:1855158)

  • Support comps groups in history redo (RhBug:1657123,1809565,1809639)

  • Support comps groups in history rollback (RhBug:1657123,1809565,1809639)

  • Support comps groups in history undo (RhBug:1657123,1809565,1809639)

  • New optional parameter for filter_modules enables following modular obsoletes based on a config option module_obsoletes

  • Add get_header() method to the Package class (RhBug:1876606)

  • Fix documentation of globs not supporting curly brackets (RhBug:1913418)

  • New features: - Add api function fill_sack_from_repos_in_cache to allow loading a repo cache with repomd and (solv file or primary xml) only (RhBug:1865803) - Packages installed/removed via DNF API are logged into dnf.log (RhBug:1855158) - Support comps groups in history redo (RhBug:1657123,1809565,1809639) - Support comps groups in history rollback (RhBug:1657123,1809565,1809639) - Support comps groups in history undo (RhBug:1657123,1809565,1809639) - New optional parameter for filter_modules enables following modular obsoletes based on a config option module_obsoletes - Add get_header() method to the Package class (RhBug:1876606)

  • Bug fixes: - Fix documentation of globs not supporting curly brackets (RhBug:1913418)

Bugs fixed in 4.6.0:

4.5.2 Release Notes

  • Change behaviour of Package().from_repo

Bugs fixed in 4.5.2:

4.5.1 Release Notes

  • Add a get_current() method to SwdbInterface

  • Add from_repo attribute for Package class (RhBug:1898968,1879168)

  • Correct description of Package().reponane attribute

  • Add unittest for new API

  • Make rotated log file (mode, owner, group) match previous log settings (RhBug:1894344)

  • [doc] Improve description of modular filtering

  • [doc] add documentation for from_repo

  • [doc] deprecated alias for dnf repoquery –deplist <deplist_option-label>

  • New features: - New config option module_allow_stream_switch allows switching enabled streams

Bugs fixed in 4.5.1:

4.4.2 Release Notes

  • spec: Fix building with new cmake macros (backport from downstream)

  • Warn about key retrieval over http:

  • Fix –setopt=cachedir writing outside of installroot

  • Add vendor to dnf API (RhBug:1876561)

  • Add allow_vendor_change option (RhBug:1788371) (RhBug:1788371)

Bugs fixed in 4.4.2:

4.4.0 Release Notes

  • Handle empty comps group name (RhBug:1826198)

  • Remove dead history info code (RhBug:1845800)

  • Improve command emmitter in dnf-automatic

  • Enhance –querytags and –qf help output

  • [history] add option –reverse to history list (RhBug:1846692)

  • Add logfilelevel configuration (RhBug:1802074)

  • Don’t turn off stdout/stderr logging longer than necessary (RhBug:1843280)

  • Mention the date/time that updates were applied

  • [dnf-automatic] Wait for internet connection (RhBug:1816308)

  • [doc] Enhance repo variables documentation (RhBug:1848161,1848615)

  • Add librepo logger for handling messages from librepo (RhBug:1816573)

  • [doc] Add package-name-spec to the list of possible specs

  • [doc] Do not use <package-nevr-spec>

  • [doc] Add section to explain -n, -na and -nevra suffixes

  • Add alias ‘ls’ for list command

  • README: Reference Fedora Weblate instead of Zanata

  • remove log_lock.pid after reboot(Rhbug:1863006)

  • comps: Raise CompsError when removing a non-existent group

  • Add methods for working with comps to RPMTransactionItemWrapper

  • Implement storing and replaying a transaction

  • Log failure to access last makecache time as warning

  • [doc] Document Substitutions class

  • Dont document removed attribute reports for get_best_selector

  • Change the debug log timestamps from UTC to local time

Bugs fixed in 4.4.0:

4.2.23 Release Notes

  • Fix behavior of install-n, autoremove-n, remove-n, repoquery-n

  • Fix behavior of localinstall and list-updateinfo aliases

  • Add updated field to verbose output of updateinfo list (RhBug: 1801092)

  • Add comment option to transaction (RhBug:1773679)

  • Add new API for handling gpg signatures (RhBug:1339617)

  • Verify GPG signatures when running dnf-automatic (RhBug:1793298)

  • Fix up Conflicts: on python-dnf-plugins-extras

  • [doc] Move yum-plugin-post-transaction-actions to dnf-plugins-core

  • Remove args “–set-enabled”, “–set-disabled” from DNF (RhBug:1727882)

  • Search command is now alphabetical (RhBug:1811802)

  • Fix downloading packages with full URL as their location

  • repo: catch libdnf.error.Error in addition to RuntimeError in load() (RhBug:1788182)

  • History table to max size when redirect to file (RhBug:1786335,1786316)

Bugs fixed in 4.2.23:

4.2.21 Release Notes

  • Fix completion helper if solv files not in roon cache (RhBug:1714376)

  • Add bash completion for ‘dnf module’ (RhBug:1565614)

  • Check command no longer reports missing %pre and %post deps (RhBug:1543449)

  • Check if arguments can be encoded in ‘utf-8’

  • [doc] Remove incorrect information about includepkgs (RhBug:1813460)

  • Fix crash with “dnf -d 6 repolist” (RhBug:1812682)

  • Do not print the first empty line for repoinfo

  • Redirect logger and repo download progress when –verbose

  • Respect repo priority when listing packages (RhBug:1800342)

  • [doc] Document that list and info commands respect repo priority

  • [repoquery] Do not protect running kernel for –unsafisfied (RhBug:1750745)

  • Remove misleading green color from the “broken dependencies” lines (RhBug:1814192)

  • [doc] Document color options

Bugs fixed in 4.2.21:

4.2.19 Release Notes

  • match RHEL behavior for CentOS and do not require deltarpm

  • List arguments: only first empty value is used (RhBug:1788154)

  • Report missing profiles or default as broken module (RhBug:1790967)

  • repoquery: fix rich deps matching by using provide expansion from libdnf (RhBug:1534123)

  • [documentation] repoquery –what* with multiple arguments (RhBug:1790262)

  • Format history table to use actual terminal width (RhBug:1786316)

  • Update dnf alias documentation

  • Handle custom exceptions from libdnf

  • Fix _skipped_packages to return only skipped (RhBug:1774617)

  • Add setter for tsi.reason

  • Add new hook for commands: Run_resolved

  • Add doc entry: include url (RhBug 1786072)

  • Clean also .yaml repository metadata

  • New API function base.setup_loggers() (RhBug:1788212)

  • Use WantedBy=timers.target for all dnf timers (RhBug:1798475)

Bugs fixed in 4.2.19:

4.2.18 Release Notes

  • [doc] Remove note about user-agent whitelist

  • Do a substitution of variables in repo_id (RhBug:1748841)

  • Respect order of config files in aliases.d (RhBug:1680489)

  • Unify downgrade exit codes with upgrade (RhBug:1759847)

  • Improve help for ‘dnf module’ command (RhBug:1758447)

  • Add shell restriction for local packages (RhBug:1773483)

  • Fix detection of the latest module (RhBug:1781769)

  • Document the retries config option only works for packages (RhBug:1783041)

  • Sort packages in transaction output by nevra (RhBug:1773436)

  • Honor repo priority with check-update (RhBug:1769466)

  • Strip ‘' from aliases when processing (RhBug:1680482)

  • Print the whole alias definition in case of infinite recursion (RhBug:1680488)

  • Add support of commandline packages by repoquery (RhBug:1784148)

  • Running with tsflags=test doesn’t update log files

  • Restore functionality of remove –oldinstallonly

  • Allow disabling individual aliases config files (RhBug:1680566)

Bugs fixed in 4.2.18:

4.2.17 Release Notes

  • Enable versionlock for check-update command (RhBug:1750620)

  • Add error message when no active modules matched (RhBug:1696204)

  • Log mirror failures as warning when repo load fails (RhBug:1713627)

  • dnf-automatic: Change all systemd timers to a fixed time of day (RhBug:1754609)

  • DNF can use config from the remote location (RhBug:1721091)

  • [doc] update reference to plugin documentation (RhBug:1706386)

  • [yum compatibility] Report all packages in repoinfo

  • [doc] Add definition of active/inactive module stream

  • repoquery: Add a switch to disable modular excludes

  • Report more informative messages when no match for argument (RhBug:1709563)

  • [doc] Add description of excludes in dnf

  • Report more descriptive message when removed package is excluded

  • Add module repoquery command

  • Fix assumptions about ARMv8 and the way the rpm features work (RhBug:1691430)

  • Add Requires information into module info commands

  • Enhance inheritance of transaction reasons (RhBug:1672618,1769788)

Bugs fixed in 4.2.17:

4.2.16 Release Notes

  • Make DNF compatible with FIPS mode (RhBug:1762032)

  • Return always alphabetically sorted modular profiles

  • Revert “Fix messages for starting and failing scriptlets”

4.2.15 Release Notes

  • Fix downloading local packages into destdir (RhBug:1727137)

  • Report skipped packages with identical nevra only once (RhBug:1643109)

  • Restore functionality of dnf remove –duplicates (RhBug:1674296)

  • Improve API documentation

  • Document NEVRA parsing in the man page

  • Do not wrap output when no terminal (RhBug:1577889)

  • Allow to ship alternative dnf.conf (RhBug:1752249)

  • Don’t check if repo is expired if it doesn’t have loaded metadata (RhBug:1745170)

  • Remove duplicate entries from “dnf search” output (RhBug:1742926)

  • Set default value of repo name attribute to repo id (RhBug:1669711)

  • Allow searching in disabled modules using “dnf module provides” (RhBug:1629667)

  • Group install takes obsoletes into account (RhBug:1761137)

  • Improve handling of vars

  • Do not load metadata for repolist commands (RhBug:1697472,1713055,1728894)

  • Fix messages for starting and failing scriptlets (RhBug:1724779)

  • Don’t show older install-only pkgs updates in updateinfo (RhBug:1649383,1728004)

  • Add –ids option to the group command (RhBug:1706382)

  • Add –with_cve and –with_bz options to the updateinfo command (RhBug:1750528)

Bugs fixed in 4.2.15:

4.2.11 Release Notes

  • Improve modularity documentation (RhBug:1730162,1730162,1730807,1734081)

  • Fix detection whether system is running on battery (used by metadata caching timer) (RhBug:1498680)

  • New repoquery queryformat: %{reason}

  • Print rpm errors during test transaction (RhBug:1730348)

  • Fix: –setopt and repo with dots

  • Fix incorrectly marked profile and stream after failed rpm transaction check (RhBug:1719679)

  • Show transaction errors inside dnf shell (RhBug:1743644)

  • Don’t reinstall modified packages with the same NEVRA (RhBug:1644241)

  • dnf-automatic now respects versionlock excludes (RhBug:1746562)

Bugs fixed in 4.2.11:

4.2.9 Release Notes

  • Prevent printing empty Error Summary (RhBug: 1690414)

  • [doc] Add user_agent and countme options

4.2.8 Release Notes

  • Enhance synchronization of rpm transaction to swdb

  • Accept multiple specs in repoquery options (RhBug:1667898)

  • Prevent switching modules in all cases (RhBug:1706215)

  • [history] Don’t store failed transactions as succeeded

  • [history] Do not require root for informative commands

  • [dnssec] Fix UnicodeWarning when using new rpm (RhBug:1699650)

  • Print rpm error messages during transaction (RhBug:1677199)

  • Report missing default profile as an error (RhBug:1669527)

  • Apply excludes before modular excludes (RhBug:1709453)

  • Improve help for command line arguments (RhBug:1659328)

  • [doc] Describe a behavior when plugin is removed (RhBug:1700741)

  • Add new modular API method ModuleBase.get_modules

  • Mark features used by ansible, anaconda and subscription-manager as an API

Bugs fixed in 4.2.8:

4.2.7 Release Notes

  • Set default to skip_if_unavailable=false (RhBug:1679509)

  • Fix package reinstalls during yum module remove (RhBug:1700529)

  • Fail when “-c” option is given nonexistent file (RhBug:1512457)

  • Reuse empty lock file instead of stopping dnf (RhBug:1581824)

  • Propagate comps ‘default’ value correctly (RhBug:1674562)

  • Better search of provides in /(s)bin/ (RhBug:1657993)

  • Add detection for armv7hcnl (RhBug:1691430)

  • Fix group install/upgrade when group is not available (RhBug:1707624)

  • Report not matching plugins when using –enableplugin/–disableplugin (RhBug:1673289) (RhBug:1467304)

  • Add support of modular FailSafe (RhBug:1623128)

  • Replace logrotate with build-in log rotation for dnf.log and dnf.rpm.log (RhBug:1702690)

Bugs fixed in 4.2.7:

4.2.6 Release Notes

  • librepo: Turn on debug logging only if debuglevel is greater than 2 (RhBug:1355764,1580022)

  • Fix issues with terminal hangs when attempting bash completion (RhBug:1702854)

  • Rename man page from dnf.automatic to dnf-automatic to match command name

  • [provides] Enhanced detecting of file provides (RhBug:1702621)

  • [provides] Sort the output packages alphabetically

Bugs fixed in 4.2.6:

4.2.5 Release Notes

  • Fix multilib obsoletes (RhBug:1672947)

  • Do not remove group package if other packages depend on it

  • Remove duplicates from “dnf list” and “dnf info” outputs

  • Installroot now requires absolute path

  • Fix the installation of completion_helper.py

  • Allow globs in setopt in repoid part

  • Fix formatting of message about free space required

  • [doc] Add info of relation update_cache with fill_sack (RhBug:1658694)

  • Fix installation failure when duplicate RPMs are specified (RhBug:1687286)

  • Add command abbreviations (RhBug:1634232)

  • Allow plugins to terminate dnf (RhBug:1701807)

Bugs fixed in 4.2.5:

4.2.2 Release Notes

  • [conf] Use environment variables prefixed with DNF_VAR_

  • Enhance documentation of –whatdepends option (RhBug:1687070)

  • Allow adjustment of repo from –repofrompath (RhBug:1689591)

  • Document cachedir option (RhBug:1691365)

  • Retain order of headers in search results (RhBug:1613860)

  • Solve traceback with the “dnf install @module” (RhBug:1688823)

  • Build “yum” instead of “dnf-yum” on Fedora 31

Bugs fixed in 4.2.2:

4.2.1 Release Notes

  • Do not allow direct module switch (RhBug:1669491)

  • Use improved config parser that preserves order of data

  • Fix alias list command (RhBug:1666325)

  • Postpone yum conflict to F31

  • Update documentation: implemented plugins; options; deprecated commands (RhBug:1670835,1673278)

  • Support zchunk (“.zck”) compression

  • Fix behavior of --bz option when specifying more values

  • Follow RPM security policy for package verification

  • Update modules regardless of installed profiles

  • Add protection of yum package (RhBug:1639363)

  • Fix list --showduplicates (RhBug:1655605)

Bugs fixed in 4.2.1:

4.1.0 Release Notes

  • Allow to enable modules that break default modules (RhBug:1648839)

  • Enhance documentation - API examples

  • Add best as default behavior (RhBug:1670776,1671683)

  • Add –nobest option

Bugs fixed in 4.1.0:

4.0.10 Release Notes

  • Updated difference YUM vs. DNF for yum-updateonboot

  • Added new command dnf alias [options] [list|add|delete] [<name>...] to allow the user to define and manage a list of aliases

  • Enhanced documentation

  • Unifying return codes for remove operations

  • [transaction] Make transaction content available for commands

  • Triggering transaction hooks if no transaction (RhBug:1650157)

  • Add hotfix packages to install pool (RhBug:1654738)

  • Report group operation in transaction table

  • [sack] Change algorithm to calculate rpmdb_version

Bugs fixed in 4.0.10:

4.0.9 Release Notes

Bugs fixed in 4.0.9:

4.0.4 Release Notes

  • Add dnssec extension

  • Set termforce to AUTO to automatically detect if stdout is terminal

  • Repoquery command accepts –changelogs option (RhBug:1483458)

  • Calculate sack version from all installed packages (RhBug:1624291)

  • [module] Allow to enable module dependencies (RhBug:1622566)

Bugs fixed in 4.0.4:

3.6.1 Release Notes

  • [module] Improved module commands list, info

  • [module] Reports error from module solver

Bugs fixed in 3.6.1:

3.5.1 Release Notes

  • [module] Fixed list and info subcommands

3.5.0 Release Notes

  • New implementation of modularity

3.0.2 Release Notes

  • Add limited compatibility with dnf-2.0 (constants)

3.0.1 Release Notes

  • Support of MODULES - new DNF command module

  • dnf.conf.Conf.proxy_auth_method

  • New repoquery option –depends and –whatdepends

  • Enhanced support of variables

  • Enhanced documentation

Bugs fixed in 3.0.1:

2.7.5 Release Notes

  • Improved performance for excludes and includes handling

  • Fixed problem of handling checksums for local repositories

  • Fix traceback when using dnf.Base.close()

Bugs fixed in 2.7.5:

2.7.4 Release Notes

  • Enhanced performance for excludes and includes handling

  • Solved memory leaks at time of closing of dnf.Base()

Bugs fixed in 2.7.4:

2.7.3 Release Notes

Bugs fixed in 2.7.3:

2.7.2 Release Notes

API additions in 2.7.2:

  • Added new option --comment=<comment> that adds a comment to transaction in history

  • dnf.Base.pre_configure_plugin() configure plugins by running their pre_configure() method

  • Added pre_configure() method for plugins and commands to configure dnf before repos are loaded

Bugs fixed in 2.7.2:

2.6.3 Release Notes

API additions in 2.6.3:

Bugs fixed in 2.6.3:

2.6.2 Release Notes

API additions in 2.6.2:

  • dnf.conf.Conf.basearch

  • dnf.conf.Conf.arch

  • dnf.conf.Conf.ignorearch

  • Introduced new configuration option autocheck_running_kernel

  • dnf.subject.Subject.get_best_selector() can use three additional key words: obsoletes, reports, and reponame.

From commandline it is possible to use new option --noautoremove to disable removal of dependencies that are no longer used.

Bugs fixed in 2.6.2:

2.5.1 Release Notes

API additions in 2.5.1:

Bugs fixed in 2.5.1:

2.5.0 Release Notes

API additions in 2.5.0:

dnf.callback.DownloadProgress.start() can use one additional key word total_drpms.

Bugs fixed in 2.5.0:

2.4.1 Release Notes

DNF command additions in 2.4.1:

  • dnf [options] repoquery --userinstalled limit the resulting set only to packages installed by user.

Bugs fixed in 2.4.1:

2.4.0 Release Notes

API additions in 2.4.0:

  • dnf.subject.Subject.get_best_query() can use two additional key words: with_nevra, and with_filenames.

  • Added description of dnf.repo.Repo.cost

  • Added description of dnf.repo.Repo.excludepkgs

  • Added description of dnf.repo.Repo.includepkgs

DNF command additions in 2.4.0:

  • --enableplugin=<plugin names> command line argument enable the listed plugins specified by names or globs.

  • --releasever=<release> command line argument now autodetect releasever in installroot from host if / value is used as <release>.

Bugs fixed in 2.4.0:

2.3.0 Release Notes

API additions in 2.3.0:

DNF command additions in 2.3.0:

  • dnf [options] repoquery --whatconflicts <capability> limit the resulting set only to packages that conflict <capability>.

  • dnf [options] repoquery --whatobsoletes <capability> limit the resulting set only to packages that obsolete <capability>.

  • dnf [options] repoquery --location show a location where the package could be downloaded from.

  • dnf [options] repoquery --nvr show found packages in format name-version-release.

  • dnf [options] repoquery --nevra show found packages in format name-epoch:version-release.architecture (default).

  • dnf [options] repoquery --envra show found packages in format epoch:name-version-release.architecture.

  • dnf [options] repoquery --recursive query packages recursively. Can be used with --whatrequires <REQ> (optionally with –alldeps, but it has no effect with –exactdeps), or with --requires <REQ> --resolve.

Bugs fixed in 2.3.0:

2.2.0 Release Notes

API additions in 2.2.0:

Bugs fixed in 2.2.0:

2.1.1 Release Notes

Bugs fixed in 2.1.1:

2.1.0 Release Notes

API additions in 2.1.0:

Bugs fixed in 2.1.0:

2.0.1 Release Notes

API changes in 2.0.1:

API additions in 2.0.1:

  • dnf.Base.autoremove() removes all ‘leaf’ packages from the system that were originally installed as dependencies

  • dnf.cli.Cli.redirect_logger() changes minimal logger level for terminal output to stdout and stderr

DNF command additions in 2.0.1:

  • dnf [options] shell [filename] opens an interactive shell for conducting multiple commands during a single execution of DNF

  • dnf [options] swap <remove-spec> <install-spec> removes spec and install spec in one transaction

Bugs fixed in 2.0.1:

2.0.0 Release Notes

List of all incompatible changes can be found at: dnf-1 vs dnf-2

API changes in 2.0.0:

  • dnf.Base.add_remote_rpms() now suppresses any error if strict equals to False.

  • dnf.Base.read_comps() now limits results to system basearch if arch_filter equals to True.

  • dnf.cli.Cli.configure() now doesn’t take any additional arguments.

  • dnf.cli.Cli.run() now doesn’t take any additional arguments.

  • dnf.Plugin.read_config() now doesn’t take any name of config file.

  • dnf.Repo.__init__() now takes parent_conf argument which is an instance of dnf.conf.Conf holding main dnf configuration instead of cachedir path.

  • exclude and include configuration options change to excludepkgs and includepkgs.

API additions in 2.0.0:

  • dnf.Base.init_plugins() initializes plugins. It is possible to disable some plugins by passing the list of their name patterns to disabled_glob.

  • dnf.Base.configure_plugins() configures plugins by running their configure() method.

  • dnf.Base.urlopen() opens the specified absolute url and returns a file object which respects proxy setting even for non-repo downloads

  • Introduced new configuration options: check_config_file_age, clean_requirements_on_remove, deltarpm_percentage, exit_on_lock, get_reposdir, group_package_types, installonlypkgs, keepcache, protected_packages, retries, type, and upgrade_group_objects_upgrade. For detailed description see: DNF API.

  • Introduced new configuration methods: dump() and write_raw_configfile(). For detailed description see: DNF API.

  • Introduced dnf.package.Package attributes debug_name, downloadsize, source_debug_name and source_name. For detailed description see: DNF Package API.

  • dnf.query.Query.extras() returns a new query that limits the result to installed packages that are not present in any repo.

  • dnf.repo.Repo.enable_debug_repos() enables debug repos corresponding to already enabled binary repos.

  • dnf.repo.Repo.enable_source_repos() enables source repos corresponding to already enabled binary repos.

  • dnf.repo.Repo.dump() prints repository configuration, including inherited values.

  • dnf.query.Query.filter() now accepts optional argument pkg.

DNF command changes in 2.0.0:

  • dnf [options] group install [with-optional] <group-spec>... changes to dnf [options] group install [--with-optional] <group-spec>....

  • dnf [options] list command [<package-name-specs>...] changes to dnf [options] list –command [<package-name-specs>…]`.

  • dnf [options] makecache timer changes to dnf [options] makecache --timer.

  • dnf [options] repolist [enabled|disabled|all] changes to dnf [options] repolist [--enabled|--disabled|--all].

  • dnf [options] repository-packages <repoid> info command [<package-name-spec>...] changes to dnf [options] repository-packages <repoid> info --command [<package-name-spec>...].

  • dnf repoquery --duplicated changes to dnf repoquery --duplicates.

  • dnf [options] search [all] <keywords>... changes to dnf [options] search [--all] <keywords>....

  • dnf [options] updateinfo [<availability>] [<spec>...] changes to dnf [options] updateinfo [--summary|--list|--info] [<availability>] [<spec>...].

  • --disablerepo command line argument is mutually exclusive with --repo.

  • --enablerepo command line argument now appends repositories.

  • --installroot command line argument. For detailed description see: DNF command API.

  • --releasever command line argument now doesn’t detect release number from running system.

  • --repofrompath command line argument can now be combined with --repo instead of --enablerepo.

  • Alternative of yum’s deplist changes from dnf repoquery --requires to dnf repoquery --deplist.

  • New systemd units dnf-automatic-notifyonly, dnf-automatic-download, dnf-automatic-download were added for a better customizability of dnf-automatic.

DNF command additions in 2.0.0:

  • dnf [options] remove --duplicates removes older version of duplicated packages.

  • dnf [options] remove --oldinstallonly``removes old installonly packages keeping only ``installonly_limit latest versions.

  • dnf [options] repoquery [<select-options>] [<query-options>] [<pkg-spec>] searches the available DNF repositories for selected packages and displays the requested information about them. It is an equivalent of rpm -q for remote repositories.

  • dnf [options] repoquery --querytags provides list of recognized tags by repoquery option --queryformat.

  • --repo command line argument enables just specific repositories by an id or a glob. Can be used multiple times with accumulative effect. It is basically shortcut for --disablerepo="*" --enablerepo=<repoid> and is mutually exclusive with --disablerepo option.

  • New commands have been introduced: check and upgrade-minimal.

  • New security options introduced: bugfix, enhancement, newpackage, security, advisory, bzs, cves, sec-severity and secseverity.

Bugs fixed in 2.0.0:

1.1.10 Release Notes

Fixed unicode handling and fixing other bugs.

Bugs fixed in 1.1.10:

1.1.9 Release Notes

From this release if you use any non-API methods warning will be printed and bugfixes.

Bugs fixed in 1.1.9:

1.1.8 Release Notes

Improvements in documentation, bugfixes, translation updates.

Bugs fixed in 1.1.8:

1.1.7 Release Notes

Added dnf.rpm.basearch() method, intended for the detection of CPU base architecture.

The group list command was enriched with installed and available switches.

Documented a standard way of overriding autodetected architectures in DNF API.

Bugs fixed in 1.1.7:

1.1.6 Release Notes

Added support of socks5 proxy.

Bugs fixed in 1.1.6:

1.1.5 Release Notes

Improved the start-up time of bash completion.

Reviewed documentation.

Bugs fixed in 1.1.5:

1.1.4 Release Notes

API additions in 1.1.4:

  • newly added dnf.Query.duplicated()

  • extended dnf.Query.latest()

Bugs fixed in 1.1.4:

1.1.3 Release Notes

Now dnf.Base.group_install() is able to exclude mandatory packages of the group from transaction.

1.1.2 Release Notes

Implemented –downloadonly command line option.

Bugs fixed in 1.1.2:

1.1.1 Release Notes

Implemented dnf mark command.

Bugs fixed in 1.1.1:

1.1.0 Release Notes

API additions in 1.1.0:

dnf.Base.do_transaction() now accepts multiple displays.

Introduced install_weak_deps configuration option.

Implemented strict configuration option.

API deprecations in 1.1.0:

  • dnf.callback.LoggingTransactionDisplay is deprecated now. It was considered part of API despite the fact that it has never been documented. Use dnf.callback.TransactionProgress instead.

Bugs fixed in 1.1.0

1.0.2 Release Notes

When a transaction is not successfully finished, DNF preserves downloaded packages until the next successful transaction even if keepcache option is set to False.

Maximum number of simultaneous package downloads can be adjusted by newly added max_parallel_downloads configuration option.

--repofrompath command line argument was introduced for temporary configuration of repositories.

API additions in 1.0.2:

Newly added package attributes: dnf.package.Package.obsoletes, dnf.package.Package.provides and dnf.package.Package.requires.

dnf.package.Query.filter’s keys requires and provides now accepts list of Hawkey.Reldep type.

Bugs fixed in 1.0.2:

1.0.1 Release Notes

DNF follows the Semantic Versioning as defined at http://semver.org/.

Documented SSL configuration and repository options.

Added virtual provides allowing installation of DNF commands by their name in the form of dnf install dnf-command(name).

dnf-automatic now by default waits random interval between 0 and 300 seconds before any network communication is performed.

Bugs fixed in 1.0.1:

1.0.0 Release Notes

Improved documentation of YUM to DNF transition in Changes in DNF CLI compared to YUM.

Auto remove command does not remove installonly packages.

Downgrade command downgrades to specified package version if that is lower than currently installed one.

DNF now uses dnf.repo.Repo.id as a default value for dnf.repo.Repo.name.

Added support of repositories which use basic HTTP authentication.

API additions in 1.0.0:

configuration options username and password (HTTP authentication)

dnf.repo.Repo.username and dnf.repo.Repo.password (HTTP authentication)

Bugs fixed in 1.0.0:

0.6.5 Release Notes

Python 3 version of DNF is now default in Fedora 23 and later.

yum-dnf package does not conflict with yum package.

dnf erase was deprecated in favor of dnf remove.

Extended documentation of handling non-existent packages and YUM to DNF transition in Changes in DNF CLI compared to YUM.

API additions in 0.6.5:

Newly added pluginconfpath option in configuration.

Exposed skip_if_unavailable attribute from Repository Configuration.

Documented IOError exception of method fill_sack from dnf.Base.

Bugs fixed in 0.6.5:

0.6.4 Release Notes

Added example code snippets into DNF Use Cases.

Shows ordered groups/environments by display_order tag from cli and Comps, or the Distribution Compose Metadata DNF API.

In commands the environment group is specified the same as group.

skip_if_unavailable configuration option affects the metadata only.

added enablegroups, minrate and timeout configuration options

API additions in 0.6.4:

Documented install_set and remove_set attributes from Transaction.

Exposed downloadsize, files, installsize attributes from Package.

Bugs fixed in 0.6.4:

0.6.3 Release Notes

Deltarpm configuration option is set on by default.

API additions in 0.6.3:

Bugs fixed in 0.6.3:

0.6.2 Release Notes

API additions in 0.6.2:

  • Now dnf.Base.package_install() method ignores already installed packages

  • CliError exception from dnf.cli documented

  • Autoerase, History, Info, List, Provides, Repolist commands do not force a sync of expired metadata

  • Install command does installation only

Bugs fixed in 0.6.2:

0.6.1 Release Notes

New release adds upgrade-type command to dnf-automatic for choosing specific advisory type updates.

Implemented missing history redo command for repeating transactions.

Supports gpgkey repo config, repo_gpgcheck and gpgcheck [main] and Repo configs.

Distributing new package dnf-yum that provides /usr/bin/yum as a symlink to /usr/bin/dnf.

API additions in 0.6.1:

Bugs fixed in 0.6.1:

0.6.0 Release Notes

0.6.0 marks a new minor version of DNF and the first release to support advisories listing with the udpateinfo command.

Support for the include configuration directive has been added. Its functionality reflects YUM’s includepkgs but it has been renamed to make it consistent with the exclude setting.

Group operations now produce a list of proposed marking changes to group objects and the user is given a chance to accept or reject them just like with an ordinary package transaction.

Bugs fixed in 0.6.0:

0.5.5 Release Notes

The full proxy configuration, API extensions and several bugfixes are provided in this release.

API changes in 0.5.5:

  • cachedir, the second parameter of dnf.repo.Repo.__init__() is not optional (the method has always been this way but the documentation was not matching)

API additions in 0.5.5:

  • extended description and an example provided for dnf.Base.fill_sack()

  • dnf.conf.Conf.proxy

  • dnf.conf.Conf.proxy_username

  • dnf.conf.Conf.proxy_password

  • dnf.repo.Repo.proxy

  • dnf.repo.Repo.proxy_username

  • dnf.repo.Repo.proxy_password

Bugs fixed in 0.5.5:

0.5.4 Release Notes

Several encodings bugs were fixed in this release, along with some packaging issues and updates to DNF Configuration Reference.

Repository priority configuration setting has been added, providing similar functionality to YUM Utils’ Priorities plugin.

Bugs fixed in 0.5.4:

0.5.3 Release Notes

A set of bugfixes related to i18n and Unicode handling. There is a -4/-6 switch and a corresponding ip_resolve configuration option (both known from YUM) to force DNS resolving of hosts to IPv4 or IPv6 addresses.

0.5.3 comes with several extensions and clarifications in the API: notably Transaction is introspectable now, Query.filter is more useful with new types of arguments and we’ve hopefully shed more light on how a client is expected to setup the configuration substitutions.

Finally, plugin authors can now use a new resolved() hook.

API changes in 0.5.3:

API additions in 0.5.3:

Bugs fixed in 0.5.3:

0.5.2 Release Notes

This release brings autoremove command that removes any package that was originally installed as a dependency (e.g. had not been specified as an explicit argument to the install command) and is no longer needed.

Enforced verification of SSL connections can now be disabled with the sslverify setting.

We have been plagued with many crashes related to Unicode and encodings since the 0.5.0 release. These have been cleared out now.

There’s more: improvement in startup time, extended globbing semantics for input arguments and better search relevance sorting.

Bugs fixed in 0.5.2:

0.5.1 Release Notes

Bugfix release with several internal cleanups. One outstanding change for CLI users is that DNF is a lot less verbose now during the dependency resolving phase.

Bugs fixed in 0.5.1:

0.5.0 Release Notes

The biggest improvement in 0.5.0 is complete support for groups and environments, including internal database of installed groups independent of the actual packages (concept known as groups-as-objects from YUM). Upgrading groups is supported now with group upgrade too.

To force refreshing of metadata before an operation (even if the data is not expired yet), the refresh option has been added.

Internally, the CLI went through several changes to allow for better API accessibility like granular requesting of root permissions.

API has got many more extensions, focusing on better manipulation with comps and packages. There are new entries in Changes in DNF CLI compared to YUM and DNF User’s FAQ too.

Several resource leaks (file descriptors, noncollectable Python objects) were found and fixed.

API changes in 0.5.0:

  • it is now recommended that either dnf.Base.close() is used, or that dnf.Base instances are treated as a context manager.

API extensions in 0.5.0:

Bugs fixed in 0.5.0:

0.4.19 Release Notes

Arriving one week after 0.4.18, the 0.4.19 mainly provides a fix to a traceback in group operations under non-root users.

DNF starts to ship separate translation files (.mo) starting with this release.

Bugs fixed in 0.4.19:

0.4.18 Release Notes

Support for dnf distro-sync <spec> finally arrives in this version.

DNF has moved to handling groups as objects, tagged installed/uninstalled independently from the actual installed packages. This has been in YUM as the group_command=objects setting and the default in recent Fedora releases. There are API extensions related to this change as well as two new CLI commands: group mark install and group mark remove.

API items deprecated in 0.4.8 and 0.4.9 have been dropped in 0.4.18, in accordance with our deprecation policy.

API changes in 0.4.18:

API deprecations in 0.4.18:

  • dnf.Base.select_group() is deprecated now. Please use group_install() instead.

API additions in 0.4.18:

Bugs fixed in 0.4.18:

0.4.17 Release Notes

This release fixes many bugs in the downloads/DRPM CLI area. A bug got fixed preventing a regular user from running read-only operations using --cacheonly. Another fix ensures that metadata_expire=never setting is respected. Lastly, the release provides three requested API calls in the repo management area.

API additions in 0.4.17:

Bugs fixed in 0.4.17:

0.4.16 Release Notes

The refactorings from 0.4.15 are introducing breakage causing the background dnf makecache runs traceback. This release fixes that.

Bugs fixed in 0.4.16:

0.4.15 Release Notes

Massive refactoring of the downloads handling to provide better API for reporting download progress and fixed bugs are the main things brought in 0.4.15.

API additions in 0.4.15:

Bugs fixed in 0.4.15:

0.4.14 Release Notes

This quickly follows 0.4.13 to address the issue of crashes when DNF output is piped into another program.

API additions in 0.4.14:

Bugs fixed in 0.4.14:

0.4.13 Release Notes

0.4.13 finally ships support for delta RPMS. Enabling this can save some bandwidth (and use some CPU time) when downloading packages for updates.

Support for bash completion is also included in this version. It is recommended to use the generate_completion_cache plugin to have the completion work fast. This plugin will be also shipped with dnf-plugins-core-0.0.3.

The keepcache config option has been readded.

Bugs fixed in 0.4.13:

0.4.12 Release Notes

This release disables fastestmirror by default as we received many complains about it. There are also several bugfixes, most importantly an issue has been fixed that caused packages installed by Anaconda be removed together with a depending package. It is now possible to use bandwidth and throttle config values too.

Bugs fixed in 0.4.12:

0.4.11 Release Notes

This is mostly a bugfix release following quickly after 0.4.10, with many updates to documentation.

API additions in 0.4.11:

API changes in 0.4.11:

  • Conf.pluginpath is no longer hard coded but depends on the major Python version.

Bugs fixed in 0.4.11:

0.4.10 Release Notes

0.4.10 is a bugfix release that also adds some long-requested CLI features and extends the plugin support with two new plugin hooks. An important feature for plugin developers is going to be the possibility to register plugin’s own CLI command, available from this version.

dnf history now recognizes last as a special argument, just like other history commands.

dnf install now accepts group specifications via the @ character.

Support for the --setopt option has been readded from YUM.

API additions in 0.4.10:

API changes in 0.4.10:

  • Plugin authors must specify Plugin.name when authoring a plugin.

Bugs fixed in 0.4.10:

0.4.9 Release Notes

Several YUM features are revived in this release. dnf history rollback now works again. The history userinstalled has been added, it displays a list of packages that the user manually selected for installation on an installed system and does not include those packages that got installed as dependencies.

We’re happy to announce that the API in 0.4.9 has been extended to finally support plugins. There is a limited set of plugin hooks now, we will carefully add new ones in the following releases. New marking operations have ben added to the API and also some configuration options.

An alternative to yum shell is provided now for its most common use case: replacing a non-leaf package with a conflicting package is achieved by using the --allowerasing switch now.

API additions in 0.4.9:

API deprecations in 0.4.9:

  • PackageNotFoundError is deprecated for public use. Please catch MarkingError instead.

  • It is deprecated to use Base.install() return value for anything. The method either returns or raises an exception.

Bugs fixed in 0.4.9:

0.4.8 Release Notes

There are mainly internal changes, new API functions and bugfixes in this release.

Python 3 is fully supported now, the Fedora builds include the Py3 variant. The DNF program still runs under Python 2.7 but the extension authors can now choose what Python they prefer to use.

This is the first version of DNF that deprecates some of its API. Clients using deprecated code will see a message emitted to stderr using the standard Python warnings module. You can filter out dnf.exceptions.DeprecationWarning to suppress them.

API additions in 0.4.8:

API deprecations in 0.4.8:

Bugs fixed in 0.4.8:

0.4.7 Release Notes

We start to publish the DNF API Reference with this release. It is largely incomprehensive at the moment, yet outlines the shape of the documentation and the process the project is going to use to maintain it.

The :ref:upgrade_requirements_on_install <upgrade_requirements_on_install_dropped> configuration option was dropped.

Bugs fixed in 0.4.7:

0.4.6 Release Notes

0.4.6 brings two new major features. Firstly, it is the revival of history undo, so transactions can be reverted now. Secondly, DNF will now limit the number of installed kernels and installonly packages in general to the number specified by installonly_limit configuration option.

DNF now supports the group summary command and one-word group commands no longer cause tracebacks, e.g. dnf grouplist.

There are vast internal changes to dnf.cli, the subpackage that provides CLI to DNF. In particular, it is now better separated from the core.

The hawkey library used against DNF from with this versions uses a recent RPMDB loading optimization in libsolv that shortens DNF startup by seconds when the cached RPMDB is invalid.

We have also added further fixes to support Python 3 and enabled librepo’s fastestmirror caching optimization to tighten the download times even more.

Bugs fixed in 0.4.6:

0.4.5 Release Notes

A serious bug causing tracebacks during package downloads made it into 0.4.4 and this release contains a fix for that. Also, a basic proxy support has been readded now.

Bugs fixed in 0.4.5:

0.4.4 Release Notes

The initial support for Python 3 in DNF has been merged in this version. In practice one can not yet run the dnf command in Py3 but the unit tests already pass there. We expect to give Py3 and DNF heavy testing during the Fedora 21 development cycle and eventually switch to it as the default. The plan is to drop Python 2 support as soon as Anaconda is running in Python 3.

Minor adjustments to allow Anaconda support also happened during the last week, as well as a fix to a possibly severe bug that one is however not really likely to see with non-devel Fedora repos:

0.4.3 Release Notes

This is an early release to get the latest DNF out with the latest librepo fixing the Too many open files bug.

In Fedora, the spec file has been updated to no longer depend on precise versions of the libraries so in the future they can be released independently.

This release sees the finished refactoring in error handling during basic operations and adds support for group remove and group info commands, i.e. the following two bugs:

0.4.2 Release Notes

DNF now downloads packages for the transaction in parallel with progress bars updated to effectively represent this. Since so many things in the downloading code were changing, we figured it was a good idea to finally drop urlgrabber dependency at the same time. Indeed, this is the first version that doesn’t require urlgrabber for neither build nor run.

Similarly, since librepo started to support this, downloads in DNF now use the fastest mirrors available by default.

The option to specify repositories’ costs has been readded.

Internally, DNF has seen first part of ongoing refactorings of the basic operations (install, update) as well as a couple of new API methods supporting development of extensions.

These bugzillas are fixed in 0.4.2:

0.4.1 Release Notes

The focus of this release was to support our efforts in implementing the DNF Payload for Anaconda, with changes on the API side of things (better logging, new Base.reset() method).

Support for some irrelevant config options has been dropped (kernelpkgnames, exactarch, rpm_check_debug). We also no longer detect metalinks in the mirrorlist option (see Fedora bug 948788).

DNF is on its way to drop the urlgrabber dependency and the first set of patches towards this goal is already in.

Expect the following bugs to go away with upgrade to 0.4.1:

0.4.0 Release Notes

The new minor version brings many internal changes to the comps code, most comps parsing and processing is now delegated to libcomps by Jindřich Luža.

The overwrite_groups config option has been dropped in this version and DNF acts if it was 0, that is groups with the same name are merged together.

The currently supported groups commands (group list and group install) are documented on the manpage now.

The 0.4.0 version is the first one supported by the DNF Payload for Anaconda and many changes since 0.3.11 make that possible by cleaning up the API and making it more sane (cleanup of yumvars initialization API, unifying the RPM transaction callback objects hierarchy, slimming down dnf.rpmUtils.arch, improved logging).

Fixes for the following are contained in this version:

0.3.11 Release Notes

The default multilib policy configuration value is best now. This does not pose any change for the Fedora users because exactly the same default had been previously achieved by a setting in /etc/dnf/dnf.conf shipped with the Fedora package.

An important fix to the repo module speeds up package downloads again is present in this release. The full list of fixes is:

0.3.10 Release Notes

The only major change is that skip_if_unavailable is enabled by default now.

A minor release otherwise, mainly to get a new version of DNF out that uses a fresh librepo. The following issues are now a thing of the past:

0.3.9 Release Notes

This is a quick bugfix release dealing with reported bugs and tracebacks:

0.3.8 Release Notes

A new locking module has been integrated in this version, clients should see the message about DNF lock being taken less often.

Panu Matilainen has submitted many patches to this release to cleanup the RPM interfacing modules.

The following bugs are fixed in this release:

0.3.7 Release Notes

This is a bugfix release:

0.3.6 Release Notes

This is a bugfix release, including the following fixes:

0.3.5 Release Notes

Besides few fixed bugs this version should not present any differences for the user. On the inside, the transaction managing mechanisms have changed drastically, bringing code simplification, better maintainability and better testability.

In Fedora, there is a change in the spec file effectively preventing the makecache timer from running immediately after installation. The timer service is still enabled by default, but unless the user starts it manually with systemctl start dnf-makecache.timer it will not run until after the first reboot. This is in alignment with Fedora packaging best practices.

The following bugfixes are included in 0.3.5:

0.3.4 Release Notes

0.3.4 is the first DNF version since the fork from YUM that is able to manipulate the comps data. In practice, dnf group install <group name> works again. No other group commands are supported yet.

Support for librepo-0.0.4 and related cleanups and extensions this new version allows are included (see the buglist below)

This version has also improved reporting of obsoleted packages in the CLI (the YUM-style “replacing <package-nevra>” appears in the textual transaction overview).

The following bugfixes are included in 0.3.4:

0.3.3 Release Notes

The improvements in 0.3.3 are only API changes to the logging. There is a new module dnf.logging that defines simplified logging structure compared to YUM, with fewer logging levels and simpler usage for the developers. The RPM transaction logs are no longer in /var/log/dnf.transaction.log but in /var/log/dnf.rpm.log by default.

The exception classes were simplified and moved to dnf.exceptions.

The following bugs are fixed in 0.3.3:

0.3.2 Release Notes

The major improvement in this version is in speeding up syncing of repositories using metalink by looking at the repomd.xml checksums. This effectively lets DNF cheaply refresh expired repositories in cases where the original has not changed: for instance the main Fedora repository is refreshed with one 30 kB HTTP download. This functionality is present in the current YUM but hasn’t worked in DNF since 3.0.0.

Otherwise this is mainly a release fixing bugs and tracebacks. The following reported bugs are fixed:

0.3.1 Release Notes

0.3.1 brings mainly changes to the automatic metadata synchronization. In Fedora, dnf makecache is triggered via SystemD timers now and takes an optional background extra-argument to run in resource-considerate mode (no syncing when running on laptop battery, only actually performing the check at most once every three hours). Also, the IO and CPU priorities of the timer-triggered process are lowered now and shouldn’t as noticeably impact the system’s performance.

The administrator can also easily disable the automatic metadata updates by setting metadata_timer_sync to 0.

The default value of metadata_expire was increased from 6 hours to 48 hours. In Fedora, the repos usually set this explicitly so this change is not going to cause much impact.

The following reported issues are fixed in this release: