exception dnf.exceptions.Error

Base class for all DNF Errors.

exception dnf.exceptions.CompsError

Used for errors of comps groups like trying to work with group which is not available.

exception dnf.exceptions.DeprecationWarning

Used to emit deprecation warnings using Python’s warnings.warning() function.

exception dnf.exceptions.DepsolveError

Error during transaction dependency resolving.

exception dnf.exceptions.DownloadError

Error during downloading packages from the repositories.

exception dnf.exceptions.MarkingError

Error when DNF was unable to find a match for given package / group / module specification.

exception dnf.exceptions.MarkingErrors

Categorized errors during processing of the request. The available error categories are no_match_pkg_specs for missing packages, error_pkg_specs for broken packages, no_match_group_specs for missing groups or modules, error_group_specs for broken groups or modules and module_depsolv_errors for modular dependency problems.

exception dnf.exceptions.RepoError

Error when loading repositories.